Worlds Avatars

 Welcome to my Worlds Avatar page.

Instead of making another 15 pages of stuff, I've decided to just post my avatar file here for anyone to use.   What you will need to do is copy your  gamma.avatar (in your main Worlds folder) to another folder and download this one  into it.  Then you can try on these avatars, and any you like you can copy the code to a notepad file then pull your own avatar file back.  Then just put the codes in your ini and save em.  If anyone knows of an easier way please let me know.


Please let me state here that most of the avatars in my file are MINE and mine alone.   There are some in there that were given to me by others and I have gone in to edit the names to include the original designer.  Some also were given to me to fix /alter or I was asked to make them.  The names of the people I made them for are included in the names as well, so a few you may recognize.  Also, if you cannot see a few after trying them on, you will need to edit the zzz/ZZZ i n your ini file.  I'm too lazy to do them all for you  ;)


 I never considered myself a great avatar maker, I just made alot of lucky mistakes along the way (my fairy wing being my best).  Most of the file names I have not edited - so you'll see  alot of in-progress avatars.  Feel free to finish them!


Thank you to the following for encouragement and inspiration: FallenMind, MasterSailor, ThoughtKnox, Imaginary, CptMrgans, Tieco, DollyDolor and themaninthemirror.

click on pic below to download the file.




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